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Design Services

Staging/Redesign Services

Initial Consultation

By Appointment Only – $60/hr. (typically 1-2 hrs)

As we walk through your home we will we talk about what rooms you desire to be staged or redesigned.

There will be photos taken, notes written, detailed suggestions given and ideas mentioned.

Time will vary depending on the number and size of rooms that you want to be altered.

A written estimate and scope of work needed will be provided via email within 3-5 business days.

Once we are finished, you have the choice of doing the work yourself or if you would like to hire me, a second appointment will be scheduled to discuss budget and how much or how little work you would like me to handle.


Staging your home can include just a coat of paint, rearranging existing furniture, enhancements of entry ways or simply creating a focal point in a room.

Whether you are a “For Sale by Owner” or have hired a realtor to sell your house I can make the necessary changes to create a new, fresh room transformation within your budget.

Home Staging can also include depersonalization, decluttering, and organizing spaces.

As a potential home buyer, the last thing you want is to be reminded of any sentimental connection between the current owner and the house.

Removing and storing anything and everything that shows signs of emotional attachment from your home is essential. As your Home Stager, I have the unique ability to suggest which items you will need to store away.

This helps with the potential sale of your home because it has the appearance of being a “blank canvas” so buyers can visualize their own items, art and treasure in their “new home”.

Potential buyers will be put at ease that the house doesn’t require any repairs; you did that for them! It shows people the house has been taken care of and has been constantly maintained.

The value of a house can jump dramatically once all these tasks are complete. It’a an investment in time and money that’s sure to pay off when it comes time to sell.

Home Staging Package Options

“Do-it-Yourself” Package:  $250*

This price includes a checklist and suggestions for YOU to do the work.

  • Initial walk-thru of your home
  • Furniture placement plans for 3 rooms of your choosing
  • After YOU finish the Staging, we will do a final walk-thru and make needed adjustments.

* if you need help with moving heavy furnishings, we can help you –  $50/hr.

“Professional” Package:  3 Rooms – $600*

We will come in and stage the 3 “key” rooms that buyers focus on, which are the Living Room, Kitchen and Master Bedroom

  • Includes initial walk-thru of your home
  • Furniture/accessories rearrangement in the 3 “key” rooms
  • Decluttering and depersonalizing the “key” 3 rooms *
  • Any additional costs such as new furniture, artwork, paint, etc., will be added on to the final cost of the package.

By Appointment Only – $100/hr. (typically 1-2 hrs), then $75/hr.

I am not only here to stage your home for resale but I am also a redesigner. If you want a new look for your current home I am able to create a new mood and mix design styles.

I am able to…

  • harmonize arrangements of artwork and accessories.
  • suggest new paint colors to enhance the feel and mood of the room.
  • change the balance of the room formally or informally.
  • add some finishing touches, for example, if the furniture has metal arms or legs, adding similar hardware to drawer handles creates a unified look.

Whether you want me to use your existing furniture and accessories to create a new feel for your home or if you are looking for all new furnishings I can help you with that too*.

* additional items purchase is not included in initial fee/quote

* Additional Resources/Costs

Mileage:  Mileage will be calculated at $0.50/mile and will be added to your final invoice.

Personal Shopper: I can be contracted to be your at $50/hr. plus gas and cost of items purchased.

Moving/Storage Items:  Packing Materials (boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc…)

Painting and Repair Work: After I/we choose the perfect paint colors for your room(s) or if I/we find something that needs repair, a professional will be hired to ensure the highest quality of perfection.

Curb Appeal: First impressions are very important, and this couldn’t be more relevant than when you’re trying to sell your home. Having a home with beautiful curb appeal will help potential buyers want to come view the house.

I have resources available for all of the above sub-contracted work at an additional cost. I will be at your home supervising the work being done until completion. All sub-contracted work will be billed separately.

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